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AUTH_EXPIRED parameter="authenticationToken"

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Evernote Business (Admin) user.

I make massive changes on mutliple notes to run my business:
re-tagging 1000+ notes in one go (Select all notes on a given folder and create new tag for all of them)
Move 1000+ notes from one folder to another.

When I start syncing these notes after a while I get a red exclamation mark on the sync icons and can see more than 800+ notes failed to sync. Looking at the Activity Log I can read this:

error: authenticationToken (AUTH_EXPIRED).

Here where comes the problem. All the notes on my Evernote client marked with the sync red exclamation icon have the right tag changes when on the server side no changes has been made.

Looking the Activity Log I get this:

AUTH_EXPIRED parameter="authenticationToken"

This problem happens only when I make significant changes one more than 1000+ notes. (Tag, move, delete, etc).

As a Evernote Business Admin user I would like the possibilty to not have a token expired either on my account or my Evernote client. I can't run my business or collaborate with my colleagues/partners if I can't make significant changes on my notes and these changes are not made on the server side (because my Evernote client token has expired).

Can Evernote Dev team help on this please?


- I have not reached my upload limit (I checked this).
- I have already re-install my client (twice)
- I have un-install it using Revo and still have the problem.
- And Yes I have open 2 tickets already for this.

My configuration:

Evernote for Windows 6.0 (6.0.6)

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