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Need to be able to delete, add to shortcuts WITHIN a note

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1 hour ago, Donnelly77 said:

Currently using version:

You need to give us the capability of deleting a note and adding a note to Shortcuts from WITHIN a note. Right now such capability exists only from the note LIST.

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You can do both.

Delete is accessable from the extended toolbar (the down arrow with the line, on the right side) and you can right click and customize so that the delete button is directly visible in the note toolbar as well.

Add to shortcuts is accessable by right clicking inside the note text (a bit unintuitive since it's not accessable from the menu).

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Thanks, gustavgi. It's good to know that both features are available within a not, however, both are unintuitive. At the very least, both options need to be in the Note pull down menu.

A right click needs to present menu items relevant to where the pointer is when right-clicked. Technically (according to Microsoft interface design standards), having "Add to Shortcuts" as a right-click option on the note content area, literally means that the content of the note window should be added to Shortcuts, not the note as a whole.




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