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Searched, found no answers. Thanks in advance for your kind replies. I want pdf files to open in PDF Expert, not Preview. My Macbook Pro laptop is set to use PDF Expert as the default pdf viewer, and pdf files opened from the finder open in PDF Expert. When I open a pdf file from within Evernote it opens in Preview.

? Any help is appreciated!

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Hey there @pYo. Thanks for the suggestion! You can always download the PDF to your desktop by clicking the "downwards arrow" icon in the attachment title bar in the note and then open the PDF in in whichever application you desire.

In the meantime, I've moved this to the Product Feedback thread so y'all can vote on it as a feature request. Thanks again for posting!

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On my MacBook 2016 my default PDF viewer is PDF Expert. But in evernote when i right click and choose open with, i see preview (default). That sucks really. One of my notes I'm previewing a pdf and on top right it says open with PDF Expert, i click it then it opens with preview app not PDF Expert.

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