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Basic Features now Plus & Premium!

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I started with the Basic service. I am Not a power user, but the more I use EN, the more it becomes a Big part of my life! I had a brain injury in about 2006, and though I was able to return to work full time after 6 weeks, my memory just is not what it used to be. Heck..if it was not for my iPad Mini, I'd forget a Lot of important things! So EN has become vitally important to me! Now to the point....I used the email feature, and then it became a Plus & Premium only feature. Waaaa! No big deal...even on my much reduced retirement income...I decided to upgrade to Plus...Just to continue using email to EN, and for the larger upload limits! 

EN needs to make a profit or it will disappear from the market! If someone cannot see the need to upgrade...for whatever reason..so be it.....their choice! To whine about losing one desired function..and take their ball and move on..so be it! As long time free users...they will not be impacting ENs bottom line. And by thumbing their noses at EN and this forum..the forum will simply be improved by their absence!

Just my humble opinion and perhaps not worth much...but it is my opinion! I just know that EN is Very useful to me and I hope it is around for a long time to come!



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