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BUG? "Recent Notebooks" list not updating in Mac 6.6.1

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I have noticed that filing a note to a notebook does not result in that notebook being added to the "Recent Notebooks" list.  Only creating a new note in a notebook adds that notebook to "Recent Notebooks".  I don't think this is the intended behavior, and it's not how the Windows app works.

In my normal workflow, I drop everything into an "ACTION" folder.  When I have time, I go back and tag and file those notes to notebooks.  Often I have multiple related notes scattered throughout that ACTION folder, so it would be very helpful to have the Recent Notebooks update when I file to a notebook.  Since I have mac at home and PC at work, I use both, and I find the Windows behavior (updating the Recent list upon filing) to be much better.

Please fix this in the mac application.  I'm using the latest (6.6.1), but I think this problem has been around for several releases.  While you are at it, please allow the user to specify the number of Recent Notebooks to display.  On my PC, I have changed the Registry setting to display 8 Recent Notebooks.  I find the three to be much less useful, but I've not figure out how to edit the PLIST file to do the same.

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