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Nesting Multiple Notebooks / Creating Sub-Notebooks



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6 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

Just watching as another user on what I get:

Notes to notebooks is n:1

Notebooks to stacks is n:1 again 

You follow me ?

This means the structure is quite simple: Notebook is just a field in the notes metadata, stacks is just another field in the notebooks metadata.

If they would go nesting, they would get a complex tree, and probably need intermediary tables to avoid long loops when reading through all of the levels.

Either way, loops or extra table means a complete rewrite of clients and backend. Plus as a one timer a rebuild of the complete search index, both serverside and on all clients.

You still follow me ?

That‘s why I think without any inside knowledge that we will never see deep nesting of notebooks.

The Dunning Kruger effect, synopsized:  Those who know the least about a subject are the most certain of their opinions.

To an extent, @PinkElephant is probably right.  The underlying code is old and Evernote has probably evolved away from it's original design features.  It's always a little scary to contemplate major changes to old code.  But that said, EN is going to have to bite the bullet some day and slide an SQL database under the UI.  When?  How?  No way of knowing.

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Parent ID still needs to be read out by UI, search, indexing, etc.

Currently stacks are „nacked“ entities, so maybe even just a field in the notebooks header.

Notebooks can’t be, because there are properties like sharing and default.

When taking stacks into a structure, this situation stops, and they just get „super-notebooks“, an entity with own properties (child-parent relation). And there the problem starts, the current code can’t handle it.

But there is no problem at all: The main tool to organize notes are tags - which works much better - and nobody really needs nested notebooks.

P.S. From what I see it already is a relational database. But the tool does not make changes necessarily easier.

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8 hours ago, Bill D. said:

Evernote folks - Your product is great. I've been using it to organize projects and research and now that I've had additional responsibilities thrown my way, I've been leaning into EN even more. Please add this feature and move your product from great to excellent.

Hi.  We're (mostly) Evernote users,  but not actually Evernote folks;  and while the conversation here gets a bit emotional from time to time,  it is a fact that Evernote did not include a folder hierarchy in their Legacy or the new versions. 

To simulate the same layout,  use tags.  To use a hierarchical folder layout,  use other software. 

No matter how impassioned the arguments,  Evernote are unlikely to introduce this a deeper hierarchy feature anytime soon.

For more from Evernote folks - try Support.

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Evernote - GIVE US MULTIPLE LEVELS OF STACKING IF WE WANT IT!!!  If you have pages of posts where people are asking for this year after year, just do it! Your tag system is not that great!  You have to remember what names you used to tag everything.  It doesn't even auto populate! After awhile, you get too many tags to follow, with duplicates for slight differences.  For a company that sends updates what seems like every other day, just spend the time to give your customers what they want!

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On 12/4/2022 at 4:32 PM, Mdbwater@gmail.com said:



  1. You may want to delete your email address from the registration here - it's a public forum and someone,  somewhere is going to add you to a spam list.
  2. This is a (mainly) user forum,  so shouting at us won't get you anything.
  3. It's most definitely not a democracy - users can request features,  but Evernote decides what it is most inclined to add.  If the company makes bad choices,  you do have the option of using other software.  You do not have the right to "demand" anything...
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