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Custom Template for Outlook Plugin

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I use the Outlook Plugin for Evernote daily. I use it to start a meeting agenda and meeting notes by sending a calendar event to Evernote and start my agenda or notes.

I would like to know if there is a way that I can customize the default template that is used? I would like to have a section for Meeting notes that is formatted the way I want. 

I usually send to Evernote and then end some returns to create space at the top of the note and then change the format so it is not bold like the title of the event, then add bullets and a heading that simply says meeting notes and add an attendees to actually record who is in the meeting. Sometimes I just cross people on the invite in the note that are not present and type in the additional people that may have come without a formal invite. Also add some tags to the note - "Agenda", "Meeting Notes", etc.


Any ideas? Is there a template on the system that I can customize?


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