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Change Default Font Size



Evernote on iOS desperately needs the option of adjusting the default font size. While the web and desktop versions are great, I use Evernote on an iPad Mini as my mobile device and the default font there is ludicrously small - to the point of making the app unusable. I know this has been an ongoing request from the user community for years and I'm somewhat baffled that such a fundamental usability issue hasn't been addressed already. I love Evernote as a service and am a paid subscriber, but this single issue would be enough for me to seriously consider not renewing. My hope is that default font size might get some attention if enough users chime in about it, hence my post. 

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Progress. I just got the update a few minutes ago. I'm in a test of moving completely to my iPad Air instead of a laptop. It seems to be working well. I've got a Microsoft Wedge BT keyboard that seems to be very responsive. This update to Evernote might be just what I need.

PS. I hope this thread doesn't get hijacked by iPad Air/Laptop or BT keyboard discussions!  ? 

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Agree. Changing the default typeface and font size would be extremely helpful.

For example, I often make shopping lists and order them to match how the store is laid out, to save time shopping.

However, when I cut and paste the text in order, the pasted text frequently switches typeface and/or size back to the default and/or some other random thing. 

It's aggravating, especially since I would like my lists to be large and clear enough (Gotham FTW) that I can read my list without bringing reading glasses, and taking them off and on repeatedly while shopping. 

In the end, I'm afraid trying to make a clear and easy-to-read shopping list on Evernote, even with the ease of being able to rearrange them in shopping order, takes more time than it would to just scribble the list down on a scrap of paper and run around the store in randomly. 

I can't even calculate how much time I'd save if the formatting remained consistent on my upcoming book. 

Being able to set a default typeface and font size -- which actually remains after cutting and pasting -- would be very helpful.

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I totally agree and already wrote this several times to support. The small font size in the ios app makes longer tests very difficult to read. This really needs to be improved. Best as many as possible write to support with this request so that it will be put into account for future changes. 

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I canceled my subscription because of this lack. My problem was different, I wanted the fonts to be smaller, but font control is why I stopped using the app.

I migrated to Apple notes.  For what I was paying and what I was getting for what I used it for, it just didn't make sense anymore.

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