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Latest update messed up Hebrew & Arabic on Andriod app!!!

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Up till the last update Evernote on my Galaxy S6 Android phone worked perfectly.

Ever since the update Hebrew & Arabic does not align to the right hand side of the screen anymore!!!!!

This is terrible & renders the application unusable for anyone using a language written from right to left!!!!!

I suspect it has to do with your new addition of enabling indentation of text but it overrides the natural (and wise) way that Android behaves when writing Hebrew or Arabic.

Furthermore, now clicking the ending of a line to add more text in Hebrew/Arabic actually places the text wrongly at the beginning of the line - i.e. It's all gone crazy!!!

I use Evernote to store everything & many times I write not in English - I'm a paying customer & would prefer not to look for an alternative app but this is too crucial & everyone using a right to left language will agree & won't be able to use the app even though Android does a perfect job adjusting up till this new update you did that bypasses it :(((((

Please roll back & undo this HUGE(!!!!!) mistake you just did

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