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(Archived) Resolve/expand shortenend/redirecting URL's

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There are cases – for example, when sending in Notes via Mail from a Feedreader – where a note does not have automatically it's originating URL associated. Rather than that, the source is hidden somewhere in the first link of the note.

Now, as it appears, many feeds use Feeburner or similar services to link to the source of their items, so that first link is pointing to Feedburner. When I rework these notes in question to put the URL in the correct URL-field, having nasty FeedBurner URL's is not very nice, for two reasons:

* I don't know how long that intermediate URL will persist

* It basically is irritating not to have the real source in that field

So, I have a suggestion for that URL-field of Evernote: Make it (configurable) so that whenever a user enters a shortened URL of the likes of FeedBurner (and, maybe, bit.ly & co as well) that this URL gets resolved to the original source URL.

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