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(Archived) Mobile interface suggestion

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Now that it seems the mobile interface will actually load on my Blackberry, I have on suggestion: Would it possible to move the Quick Note box to the top of the page? I realize it's a small thing, but when I load up the mobile version, 90% of the time, it's to make a quick note.

Otherwise, I'm digging this. Being able to access my notes over my PDA was the one thing keeping me in Google Notebook instead of Evernote.

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The mobile interface supports "access keys", using the numbers on your keypad you can quickly navigate or perform actions on a page. When you first arrive the the mobile home page you can use the zero key on your keypad to create a quicknote. Numbers 1-9 jump you to note 1-9 on the current page. We have tested this on a number of phones and it works well. I'm not sure if we've recently tested the Blackberry, I'll double check today.

Hope that meets your needs.

Phil Constantinou

- Evernote

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Hi folks -

Thanks for your ideas about making the mobile UI more intuituve, it has got us thinking. From what we can tell some of the Blackberry's and (as you point out) the iphone don't make it easy to use the access keys. We'll continue to investigate.

One option would be to bookmark the create note page:


When you go to the bookmark, if you're not logged in, the site will make first prompt you to login before you are taken directly to the create note page. If you use the remember me feature, you should go straight in.

Let us know if this is an appealing solution. We didn't want to put too many links at the top of the page because they take up space and require more scrolling to see your search results.

We're always eager to hear how people are using the service so please keep the recommendations coming. We're looking at creating an interface tailored to the iphone which can take advantage of the phone's user interface and advanced features.

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