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Pop-ups every time I start a new note

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I am using Evernote desktop, it's up-to-date. Every time I open a new note I get the pop-ups from the upper right of the note telling me about the features of starting the presentation mode, annotation, etc. I looked in settings and can't figure out how to turn these off. They are really annoying and will even pop up while I'm working on the note. 

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Is each individual pop-up popping up more than once? Ideally unique informative blurbs should only appear once each upon each new install/ update... but quite right, they can be annoying... don't think there's a way to turn them off. 

Evernote has traditionally had these in-app "helps"... and from the following quote in a "The Verge" interview recently, Evernote's CEO said:

"So one of the things we’re obsessed with is engagement in the first seven days of all these people who come in. When you’re at 150 million-plus registered users, you’re not talking to early adopters. You’re talking to the early majority, or the late majority. They need some guidance, and we need to provide that guidance.The trickier part — which I think will rely on more intelligent software — will basically use cues and artificial intelligence to do a "progressive reveal." You don’t need to throw everything at someone all at once. We’re experimenting with those kinds of things."

So this "progressive reveal" will only increase. I take it that you/ we might be in for an annoyingly bumpy ride if there is no kill switch. At the very least they need to figure out how to avoid sending these "progressive reveals" to people who have been with them for ages... especially if they're not about brand new features.


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