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Different Default Font Sizes for different Notebooks/Notes

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I'm using Evernote partially for my Chinese studies and while it is great to generally have everything in Helvetica 14, I find this too small for the Chinese characters and use Helvetica 18. When I put this as the default and use bullet points to write down notes and start accidentally with Latin letters and have to back space, it automatically resets the font to 14, which is really annoying over time and has forced me to keep typing when I make mistakes. Therefore my notes often look like this:

  • 这是我的朋友 - This is my friend
  • t提高中文水平 - improve Chinese
  • 农note the difference and how I'm forced to write the first character in the other system to prevent the change of fonts

This is incredibly frustrating, and I wanted to know if I either can change the default font for a tag or notebook or even for a language system (like simplified pinyin). Thank you for your help.

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