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Change langue using "Alt + Shift" causes issue

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Usually I type note in several languages. To change language I use keyboards  "Alt + Shift". It works fine to change language even in Evernote. 

Bad side effect that after pressing "Alt + Shift" main menu becomes highlighted (like I just pressed ALT), and editor panel becomes inactive, so I need to press mouse on editor panel or to press ESC.

Issue not reproducible in case I will press firstly SHIFT and then ALT. But I always press them both nearly in the same time.


I checked also, how another well-known program behaves on  ALT+SHIFT.  On this shortcats they behave better: Main menu of that program is not remain selected after that key combination.

Issue happens on Windows 7 & Windows 10 for a pretty long time


Evernote issue.jpg

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Yes, you are right, but only about  pressing single ALT button. But I want to talk about special keys ALT + SHIFT.  Usual behavior of several well-known windows applications is for this keys is:  for 1 second (or even less) to highlight Shortcuts. And then hide it immediately. (you can check  (Total Commander, Firefox, Microsoft Word, Skype).  

In Evernote (windows client) shortcuts still marked after 1 second, and because of this often I have a problem. I type text in one language(for example, Ukrainian), then I press "alt + shift" and then I going to continue type text in English. Current language becomes EN as it is should be, but also, the main menu becomes highlighted. So I typing text in English to the current note, but instead of new text in the note -->  shortcut action called (depending on what was the first letter of my new text).

Btw, some other programs (Windows Task Manager for example) behaves the same as Evernote now. But there are no input fields in "Windows Task Manager" so shortcuts there is not messed up with input text.

P.S. Pressing ALT + SHIFT --- I mean either first ALT and then SHIFT,  or nearly together ALT + SHIFT.

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Evernote Windows client uses standard Windows menu system without modifying it in any way. I don't observe described behavior (hiding shortcuts) on any of the programs you've mentioned -- shortcuts stay up for as long as the Alt key is down. Could it be that you're using some sort of keyboard driver utility that does this for you?

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