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(Archived) Password protection on notebook or tag - feature request

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The issue:

I keep some notes in EN that I want to make sure others cannot inadvertently see. For instance, notes related to employee reviews and promotions. I currently keep these notes in their own notebook (although I could do the same thing with a specific tag). My concern is that someone will sit down at my computer, start looking at EN, and come across employee reviews, which they should not have access to. Yes, I realize that the best solution is to make sure my computer is always secure, but it is unrealistic to always lock my computer every time I step out of my office for 5-10 minutes.

I know it's possible to encrypt the text within any individual note. However, I find this solution very cumbersome and ineffective. I need to be able to scroll through a collection of notes and quickly look at their contents, and this is impossible if I have to individually and manually decrypt/encrypt each note.

Desired solution:

I would like for there to be some type of password protection that you could apply to a collection of notes (either at the notebook level or tag level). I'm not necessarily talking encryption, just a simple lock. For instance, the perfect solution for me would be a lockable notebook. You configure a notebook to be readable only if you enter a password. You can drop a note onto that notebook without needing to enter a password. Ideally you can even see the list of note titles in that notebook, but you cannot actually see the contents of any of the notes in that notebook until you unlock that notebook by entering the password. Even better would be a timeout mechanism that automatically re-locks the notebook after a set period of time, or maybe the notebook re-locks once you navigate away from it.

Alternatively would be a solution like above, but applied to a specific "lockable" tag. For instance, having password protection associated with the tag "Employee Reviews". Any note that I tag with "Employee Reviews" would have the title of that note visible at all times, but the contents of the note would not be visible until you enter the appropriate password. Once you entered the password, all notes with the tag "Employee Reviews" would be viewable until that tag was re-locked (ideally re-locked automatically after a timeout period or once you navigate away to a note that doesn't have the "Employee Reviews" tag).

Just a suggestion, but one I think would make EN more useful.

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