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Window is busy often on Windows 7

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I have finding that when I move around Evernote on Windows 7 (my work computer) I am getting a busy window for Evernote often. Is there a way to clean up / re-index the Windows version? I am not seeing this on Web, iPhone, or on my Windows 10 machine. It is contained only to my work computer which is a 16g, i7 2.6g 64bit.

Any ideas? I was going to uninstall and reinstall...

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If you press the Ctrl key while clicking on Help in the menu bar additional options will appear including optimize data base and some recreate index options.

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I have also noticed that my return key is not working all the time or the backspace key. Very strange. I have rebooted my computer and try the various options on the menu you told me about. Also have uninstalled/installed again. Noticing this at work and home (Windows 10 and Windows 7).

Anyone else finding this?

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