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EN platform for WIN + Outlook plug-in

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I would like to ask you for advice regarding to EN for Windows. When I open the EN platform in W7, create a new memo, attach tags, I used to be able to jump from one tag to another by using arrows on my kyeboard. This helped when I wanted to delete any of the tag. After the update, I have to point my mouse onto the tag, which I want to delete and then to delete it by using "delete" on keyboard. Was the feature deleted from the platform or is it possible to move among the tags in individual memo in some different way?
It is very annoying to jump from keyboard to mouse and back just to make the tab, which should be deleted, active. EN should be saving time smartly, but this change is going exactly the other direction. Thank you for your feedback here.


On top of that, Evernote button disappeared from my outlook,, so I cannot send my mails to EN anymore except forwarding to EN e-mail address, which is annoying and not comforable at all.

Can you advise me, how to get it back?


In general, I am quite frustrated from version I have. To my opinion it is a step back in terms of user comfort. So far I do not see any advantage compared to previous version. Design is one thing, but the functionality and user friendly approach is more important, I guess. I am really disappointed from this "improvement", which makes my working day longer...


Thanks for your feedback.



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