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New Evernote version slow as molasses!

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Hey hey,

Has anyone downloaded the latest Evernote version ( on my Windows) and found it to be incredibly slow? Now even when typing text into a new note it sometimes freezes for 20/30 seconds and the program seems to lag quite a bit. 

Any way I can downgrade or someone knows what the problem is?



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yes its freakin slow!!!  i have it 2 pc windows 10 core i7 machine ssd drives... my evernote db file isn't that big...   when typing in a  note i'll get laggs... its easier to compose something on word and paste it on evernote.

i tried optimizing the db... still slow.

i went to back to version 5 all is well...

please fix ASAP!!!


i guess i'll just wait 3 months till u guys get this sorted out.


evernote plus member thanks.


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I am experiencing an incredible slowly Evernote. I am only using it to write text notes, and it freezes continuously....

Using Windows 7, 64 bit.

Evernote Version

Not usable at all like that!! Please, make an update !!

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