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EN Premium - Where is the premium worthy support??!!

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I have been trying to get basic support help.  The chat person could not understand what I needed even though I described it numerous times!!!! He kept summarizing it in completely different and inaccurate terms.  It is just a basic:

 I loaded a number of files from my FINDER to give access to another organization. My laptop died and I need the documents back.  I had emailed them to myself at a couple different addresses and that didn't work!!!!!  Worst case there should be a function, best case, you should be able to drag and drop.

The guy kept saying I had attached a doc to an existing note..... and he kept going around in circles.... Wanting to scream!!!!!!  He finally said I could download them in HTML.... They were word, powerpoint, excel, and pdf documents..... why in the world would I want an HTML document?

I just want to download the files I uploaded..... why is this sooooo hard.  

I told this guy I needed his supervisor, he refused.  Then finally he said he would copy a supervisor on an email.  Going nuts here.... The only person on the email was the same person as on the chat.... He opened a ticket and now he is the only one responding to the ticket????!!!!!!!!!!!



WHERE IS THE LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 1 SUPPORT..... SHOULD IT REALLY TAKE A LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 1 to assist with this INANE problem?????!!!!!!

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