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Evernote 6.0.6 update : Images seen as attachments instead of inline

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I already posted this issue in another topic but my post got lost apparently. I'm sorry for the double post.

To summarize my problem: When I take pictures (in .jpg format) with my Blackberry Classic and I create a note with the Evernote app they appear as attachments instead of inline (as normal, and desired). Is there a fix to this bug?


Thank you!


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On 5/4/2016 at 1:51 PM, LucLucLuc said:

When I take pictures (in .jpg format) with my Blackberry Classic and I create a note with the Evernote app

Welcome to the forums.  To confirm, you're uploading the images to Evernote using the BB Evernote  app, but they appear as attachments on Evernote for Windows Desktop. Is that right? 

Can you tell me if these images appear inline if you view them on Evernote Web: https://www.evernote.com/Home.action

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I am having a similar problem.    I loaded Jpeg attachments into Evernote on Mac 6.6.1 and the JPEG's show up as attachments in Evernote on Windows   This only affects notes created tonight on the Mac and viewed on the Windows machine.    I created many notes tonight after being at a conference earlier this week.     Dragged and dropped them into Notes as I created them on my mac.    They show fine, inline, on the Mac..   Opened them on Windows and all the new notes have their attachments showing as "attachments" and not inline.   I cannot right click on anything in Windows to make them show inline.   The checkbox in Options / Note  "always show PDF documents inline" is checked, although these aren't PDF's.  Can't find any other way to show the jpeg attachments inline.   I need to see them inline, not as separately-opened attachments.    I checked looking at them on the web, and they are inline on the web.    Note this only affects the Notes I created tonight on my Mac, when viewed on my Windows laptop, running the Evernote version noted above.    Previous notes from months ago show the jpegs inline on this same Windows laptop.     

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Thank you for the update.    I'll hold for the update.   Detaching and Reattaching the jpgs in windows fixes it, but I have 50+ notes with 200+ attachments.  I'll just wait....  Hope it's soon!

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