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"New Note" button changed to "Upgrade"

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Just agreed to instal update to (desktop app) Evernote, to find an "Upgrade" button where the (frequently used) "New Note" button used to be!

I do appreciate that users get a lot with the free version, but are there not adequate value-adding features to attract them to Premium without resorting to what could understandably evernote upgrade button.JPGbe described as devious tactics?

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Hello @Craig66,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums. It seems like the toolbar has been modified a bit on your screen. While the upgrade option is there, it isn't there to prevent you from being productive. Please see the attached screenshot to edit the options seen on this top bar.



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Hello Matt W.!

I am generally happy with the update, and am fairly eager to explore new functionality.

But I really want to comment on this "Update" toolbar icon - it is being automatically restored after sync every time I try to remove it using the way you have described in your post.

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Hello @Matt W.!

I mean that the "Update" button keeps reappering on the toolbar after every sync.

So basicly it is on my toolbar forever, regardless of my stuggles to use "Customize toolbar..." menu.

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Hello @efim,

That seems a bit weird. I would recommend raising a support ticket by clicking on the link in my signature and it will get you in contact with a member of the support team who will then look to see what could be causing this.

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The Upgrade button reappears after ever sync on mine too.

Right-click, Customize Toolbar, drag the icon off the toolbar, Click on Done and it's gone.

Click on Sync and after the sync is complete it comes back to the previous location on the toolbar everytime.

I am a Evernote Plus subscriber.



Windows 7 Home Premium v6.1 Build 7601 Service Pack 1

2016-06-08 20_28_16-Evernote.jpg

2016-06-08 20_41_07-About Windows.jpg


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