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Google related results, why doesn't it open the app?

Rob de Jonge


Whenever I search Google for something, Evernote very helpfully puts related results out of my Evernote next to it. However, when I click it, it opens the note in the web browser. I get how that makes sense, but personally would prefer for the note to be opened in the Evernote app. Is there any way I can change this setting? 

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Here it does open the Evernote app with Firefox and Safari, though only after opening in the browser first. With Chrome it doesn't work, even after I've enabled the "Open in Evernote for Mac" option in the dialog shown below. That's strange since Chrome has been my default browser for a few weeks, and I should have noticed it if it didn't work with Chrome. It's one of my favorite Evernote features.

What browser do you use? Have you ever seen the dialog below?

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 22.13.14.png

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Similar issue here. I use Chrome and I do get the dialog above when I first click on a related note from a Google search.

It then opens the webpage and the note in the app.

On successive attempts, it no longer shows the dialog above, but it still opens both the webpage and the app.

Does seem like a bug.

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