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(Archived) Duplicated notes detection and file link references

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I'm trying to keep a copy of my files in EN so that I can categorize/tag them easily. The option to drag them at once is great for that. But... the files have to be reorganized too frequently in their original folder, files are added and removed from/to other folders, and renaming of folders and names makes the links useless. Even though I know I have to move them to EN this hassle can't be avoided. Would it be possible that:

1. EN detected duplicate names, so that when we drag a file that it is already in the database/notebook, EN automatically says it has already been copied into EN? That would prevent a lot of mistakes. We keep notes linking to another note with the file link and having the file duplicated would be a real waste of time categorizing. Worse: It could make me look for a paper again and extracting the notes again... A mess..

2. EN had a way to detect changes in file names or at least in folders, so that when a file or a folder is renamed in its original windows folder, EN still links to it correctly? Windows can do that with shortcuts...

I'm still undecided about whether to use EN for file categorizing but these two options would really turn the scales in favor of using it...

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I have to say that I was still using version 2 (seems invitation to 3 is about to come), but my suggestion was meant to be an improvement to implement in EN 3. Web and mobile capabilities are an improvement to EN too (or aren't they??)... they give us some independence from our computer/s.

Now, we know independence normally costs features... and you already have a well conceived off-line software with pretty powerful and promising organizing features (you know that, don't you?). So, of course there are some things we can't do online, but even though what I really care about EN is its flexibility in terms of organizing features, this is not making me thinking that the online side should be abandoned at all.

What I can't understand is why do you need to implement all the features in the online side. If the online side gives you more revenue you can see that the more you keep the progress you were doing with the offline side, the more people is going to use the online side (specially if they're automatically synchronized). Why the online side has to be a hindrance for the great offline potential?? I can have just the names of the files displayed in the online notes, without the links having to work there (the underline could be just dimmed or something). I just need to know for example that I have a file so that I don't download it again in a library or just need to check the references (specially if I had a template for that). I won't need the links online as much as I could need them in offline mode unless they are linked to files in an online storage. But when working in my office/home, there will be moments in which I'd need/like to see all I have about a topic, including files.

Anyway, file management would add much more use power to EN, but some work has to be done as I mentioned in my previous post.

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