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Frustrating Syncing Prob, Tag Prob, Week+ Little Real Help - Tag 1569677

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I started a ticket on Monday the 18th, have had very little response, days apart, from Evernote.  Please someone help!

Three of us share Notebooks.  I enter invoices, two other people approve and tag.  About a week ago syncing became an issue and we weren't seeing each others tags, sync with a red!  We uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing.

If I log in as the second user, I can sync with no problem on my desktop.  If she logs in, sync error.

As second user I have deleted all the trash, synced, logged off, logged in as myself, unshared with 2nd user, synced, shared again, synced.  Logged off as me, back on as second user, work chat, clicked on notebook to accept share, sync, no problem.  I log off so 2nd user can log in, she syncs and gets error.

We have uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice from the 2nd users Dell to no avail.  And now we cant tag, doesn't even show in our own Evernote.

Sooo frustrated with Evernote help.  Guy even gave me his gmail to send a share invite to, "he would get right back to me" that was 5 hours ago. It takes 2 days to get a half baked answer.

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