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(Archived) What prefix/separator marker to use for "@"



I'm looking for a standard separator to replace all my previous uses of "@" as a keyword marker. I tried *, &, $, _ and they are all also treated as whitespace.

Suggestions? Is this style of defining search keywords deprecated in Evernote?


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At the bottom of the note, I'll often add keywords. Sometimes they are prefaced with the word, keyword & sometimes not. IMO, "keywords" are words simply added to the note so you'll find that note when doing a search on words. IE, if I have a note pertaining to "Joe Shafer", I will add a keyword of "Shaffer", in case I forget how his name is spelled. It sounds like what you're trying to do is not so much keywords as tags. So instead of adding @work to the note, you may just want to tag the notes with "work".

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BurgerNFries - Great suggestion.

I am using the Keyword: xxxxx concept to reduce the number of tags.

When I find a tag that has only 1 or 2 notes, I add the Keyword to the note(s) and then delete the tag.

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