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Annotating with a pen - hand print interference


When annotating an image in iOS Evernote app, the annotation tool does not ignore the user's hand print resting on the device screen. Using the iPad Pro pencil it gets confused and you end up with unwanted annotations from where your hand was resting.

The same problem does not exist in the pen drawing functionality (not sure on its offical name - the icon at the top of an evernote document where you can draw freehand) when creating a new sketch in an evernote document - there, the pen and hand work flawlessly.

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Totally agree... I have just started using Evernote more seriously, but I have been using NoteShelf for a long time for note taking and brainstorming.

While Noteshelf integrates with Evernote nicely, I have found that the handwriting OCR is very poor compared to handwriting directly into Evernote, however, Evernote is terrible when it comes to hand written notes and sketches compared to Noteshelf.

While they may not want to build a full feature set into Evernote, "palm rejection" is by far the most important feature that's missing, and makes Evernote practically useless on the iPad.  Either improve the OCR functionality for Noteshelf notes, or add some basic features to make Evernote pen compatible.

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