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Create new note in default notebook, not current notebook?

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So in version 5 Ctrl+N would create a new note in the current notebook and Ctrl+Alt+N would create a new note in the default notebook, in my case: Inbox.

Now in version 6 Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Alt+N create a note in the current notebook.

Is there a way to change this so that either shortcut will create a new note in the default notebook automatically?  Most of the time I like to have all new notes go into the "Inbox" first and then I process them in batches....  I [cant'] figure out how to change this setting.


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Similar issue: I always use global shortcut win+shift+N to capture "thoughts" without interrupting my work. The new notes always landed in my "Inbox" (default notebook). Now they land in whathever notebook I used lastly, very unproductive for me to gather them later. Please make an option to chose, if new note by global hotkey should go to default or last used notebook. It was most productive Evernote functionality for me so far.

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