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Feature Request - Negative Tags

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Very simple Boolean feature request.

Give users the ability to convert search tags into "negative" search tags (basically "NOT" variables).  So, if I want to search notes that specifically do NOT include some tags, I can right click (or something) on a tag, select "exclude" or "NOT" or something like that, the tag changes color in the search bar and EN displays the results excluding those with that tag. Easy. 

Forgive the bad annotated screenclip, but it's what it would basically look like. Thanks!

Nagative Tag.png

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You can just enter -tag:tagname into the search bar, but it would be very nice to select the tag "negatively" off the tag drop down list or the like.  Up-voted.

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Negative tags can be used right now. Put a minus sign in front of tag: 

For example, a search for all Walmart receipts not purchased in the state of Maine

tag:com-Walmart -tag:Maine


Boolean searches using AND + OR together cannot be used in Evernote.

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I appreciate the whole manual tag (and -tag:) searches thing. I've done it myself many a time. In practice, writing those searches can be cumbersome, especially if you want to adjust your search by several tags. You also lose the functionality of the advanced search bar. 

The feature I'm asking for does not seem to be very difficult to implement. It is user friendly and, I think, will be very well received by power-users and not-so power-users. It would be intuitive, fast and visual. 

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11 minutes ago, csihilling said:

I think the OPs point is to be able to select the tag as a negative.  If not, that's what I would want it to be.  ;)

Sorry - I did not see your reply before adding my comment.

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