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Corrupt notes - can't access using App but fine on PC

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I'm having real problems with viewing some of my notes on the phone app and keep getting error messages with certain notes. They open and I can edit them on my pc fine. I can open other notes in the same notebooks, both on wifi and using mobile data, so it’s not my internet connection. I have Offline Notebooks, but when the notebook is downloaded the corrupted note is just the same. I have attached a screen grab of the error message I am getting.

I am on a 92 day trip and everything I need to know about each day’s movements, activities, accommodation and travel plans are all in the notes, so it is causing me a real headache. I am having to copy and paste the day’s notes into emails and send them to myself each morning, which is really frustrating and time-wasting, but I can’t risk missing important information, like train times and the addresses of where I am staying.

Since I have also recently upgraded to Plus and it doesn’t seem to be working I seem to have paid for a service I am not receiving, so I'm really annoyed! Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

2016-04-24 19.23.33.png

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Hello @oscarcat,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the forums.

This looks to have something to do with the formatting of the note. Please feel free to click on the "Submit a support" in my signature and a member of the support team will take a look at what could be causing this.

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