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(Archived) REQUEST:'Clip Full Page' default state user pref (CHROME)


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Please revert the 'Clip Full Page' checkbox to the old behavior, or (even better) provide a user preference in Evernote as to the 'default state' of this checkbox. It's really important to at least one paying user (who also happens to evangelize his work-flow to everyone he meets..)

I have been (very happily!) using a combination of the Readability and Evernote Chrome extensions (with a 'ReadItLater!' Evernote default folder) to have sort of an 'interesting article archival bliss'. I love this combination because:

1 - Readability formats things in a way that looks great in Evernote.

2 - Evernote keeps the backlink, so I have can return to source if available.

3 - Evernote keeps a copy of the text, so if the article goes down I still have it.

4 - Evernote keeps a copy of the text, so I can do full text searches on articles I haven't even really read yet!. Sometimes when this works it feels like I am reading articles from the future. Or in another form, this is 'Just In Time' reading.

5 - Evernote web clipper gives me that 'Add Text' field, useful for adding links to content discussions (ie from Reddit/HN/etc)

6 - Marking something was a 2 click operation

Lo and behold, new Evernote Chrome extension is pushed today and changes the default of 'Clip Full Page' checkbox to be unchecked. While I understand the reason for this change (I upgraded to a payed Evernote account entirely due to my web-clippings taking up too much space), it totally messes up with my normal usage flow.

And believe me, this flow is really important to me. It is basically the entire purpose of Evernote for me, but it has filled this niche for me magnificently!

Thanks, love the product~

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Good to hear!

Also want to report to anyone else bothered by this that currently the bookmarklet still works in the previous fashion in Chrome. So for now using that instead of the actual chrome extension is a reasonable work around.

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I also echo both having "Full Clip Page" as default, as well as making the Chrome plug-in more integrated like the Firefox one.

After using it a few weeks - I use Evernote to save receipts for online purchases and was really annoyed when my notes from Chrome were blank & useless w/out clipping the full page.

Also, why do i have to re-login every week on the Chrome clipper ... it sort of defeats the purpose of 'easy'.

Lastly, can I get a reminder on how to setup the bookmarklet feature? It might be just me, but it's sometime hard to fine an overview of all features + instructions.


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