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Personal Notes to Business and Back again

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Before Version both my personal and my business notebooks showed in the left pane.  This made it easy to create a note in my personal side, and then move it to the business side when appropriate.  With the new way, it seems I can only have the personal or the business showing but not both at the same time.

Any way to change back to the old way of viewing notes?

I start quotes in my personal side, and change to orders and move note at that time into the business side.

I hope this is not a "feature" that has been removed to make it better. :>(


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I, too, preferred the previous design where there was not such a "wall' between the two sides.

In the new design you can, however, right-click a note in the notes list and select Copy to Business... and then delete it from personal (now called Move to Trash).


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I am somewhat frustrated by this too.  

I have my scan destination folder on the personal notes side.  I scan around on average around 50 documents in a work day.    Periodically throughout the day, I sort my scans and move them to relevant folders by selecting the folder from the drop down list, some of which are on the on the business side and some on the personal side where the scan folder is.  

This is no longer possible in one simple step...as phils stated above, now you have to copy them to business and then go back an delete the original.  

I can't see any reason why to wall off personal and business like they have with this version.

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I believed at some point they will surely fix the web client and remove the separation of business and personal folders... Now this impractical design is even implemented in desktop apps. Evernote Business isn't cheap and I really start wondering what I'm paying for...

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Irritating puts it mildly, I consider its current state broke.

I create a new note with a right-click of the task bar icon and it defaults to a personal notebook.  Then there's no way to tell it I wanted to create it in my Business notebook.  The sollution? Open the main Evernote interface, switch to Business Notes, click New Note button... yah, convenient.  Efficient.  Well thought-out.

I'm beyond frustrated with this nonsense.  They took a vital tool that was efficient and easy to use and broke it with one update and worse yet, there's no fix in site, no acknowledgement of their neglect, no direction.

It's plainly obvious that the team or person responsible for making these decisions do not use the product.

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