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(Archived) True Import and Export functionality of Evernote




My endnote files on my mac became corrupted and would not sync with the endnote cloud. I disabled syncing for this mac and exported all my files to the desktop as I had some files that I was sure were different on this mac. Today evernote would not load at all. I decided that I would start with a clean slate and moved all my evernote files out of the library and started endnote from scratch.

Now I would like to import my 'local' data back into evernote and then sync to the could so that any changes will be moved there. This is the way I have solved sync problems with other mac programs (safari bookmarks, calendar, address boook).

How do I import my database back into evernote. It looks like I can only do one evernote exported files at a time and some can't be imported as they are dark? That is going to take a while for hundreds of notes...How do I ensure that notes on the cloud will be saved and only the ones that are different on this mac will be saved? Is there a merge option?

I have seen the threads about Evernote not having a 'real' export and import ability but I felt that this was a sufficiently different thread

Thanks David

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First, in the "old" database, you should either select the notes that you want to export, or else right-click on an individual Notebook to Export it to an *.enex file on your computer.

Then, in the "new" database, you can use: File > Import

to import that set of notes.

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