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Evernote 6.6 Mac Desktop Hanging / Beach Ball

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I have been having a lot of trouble with my Evernote 6.6 Mac Yosemite 10.10.5 Desktop Hanging and giving me the ongoing Beach Ball. I've had this trouble come and go, but it has become unusable tonight. Is there anything I can do? I was working on a project that is due tomorrow morning and I'm at a standstill right now because Evernote keeps hanging. 

It is also draining my memory. Any suggestions?


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Sometimes a quick fix is to reboot your machine.  It fixes some issues.

The next level is to reinstall the app

After that, I would reinstall both the app and the database.

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Hello.... thank you for the response.

The first thing I did was reboot.... and the second thing I did was reinstall the app.

Overall, the EN app works... but still gives me trouble with certain notes.

I have no trouble viewing these notes when I view them online through the web browser or using another EN app on a different computer.


How do you reinstall the database? That might be the problem - that the database is corrupt on this computer.


Thanks so much for your time! 



How do 

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Database rebuild is easy - just delete the current database and it will be automatically rebuilt.

****Warning - make sure you have backups of local notebooks.

To locate your database folders, just click on About Evernote and press the option key.

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