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Evernote 6.0 goes above and beyond my expectations

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Not having tinkered with the Beta, I was very pleasantly surprised with the 6.0 public release for Windows desktop. 

I posted the following comment on Evernote's latest blog post which came out with the announcement:


I love it that Mac's "Jump to this note's notebook" has come to Windows... and you've thrown in tags for good measure.

The way the "Trello-like" colored tags show in the note list is very welcome. It opens up a lot of visual strategies. 

There's a much better placement of the new search bar. Less mouse travel and more centered. 

When toggling F10, I like it that the Left Panel does not completely disappear. That anchors the page nicely, whether you're using it or not. 

I see that the relatively new tag filtering tool in the note toolbar was not deprecated, but rather included in the search explanation... and given new powers to interact with it. Very nice. 

The ability to navigate notebooks and tags in the Left Panel within their nested hierarchies by using the arrow keys is fantastic.

I see the notebook search box in the note list toolbar has been moved to both the search explanation and the Notebooks tab in the Left Panel. Genius.

Finally! The tag and notebook panels have been done away with. Very good call. 

It doesn't take long at all to readjust to the shuffling around of some features. The interface is way more cleaner and brings in some of the design elements I like  about the "new" Web Client. 

Pop-out note panels do not look antiquated and look really, really good on Windows 10. Welcome to 2016 Evernote Windows!

I'm not sure when the side list snuck in... but it's a great alternative to the top list.

You're not kidding when you use the phrase "clean and crisp". It's more of a pleasure to hang out in the Windows client. This has been a long time in coming. 

Each of the changes I've mentioned off the top of my head are a resounding yes and are very much appreciated!


Congratulations Evernote! For the first time in a long time you can legitimately say that you have made search and navigating notes more intuitive. No embellishment in the blog post whatsoever. 

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