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1) Does Evernote have the ability to "group" business cards together?  Example - USA EAST, USA WEST, CHINA, VIETNAM, etc...

2) Since Evernote has no import function, we have to work with your outside vendor for importing our old busniess card data.  Once the "old" business card data is imported into Evernote, will or can the contact information be "pushed" to MS Outlook?

I have been waiting over a week for Evernote support to answer or even acknowledge this email 

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Hi Chris,

"Outside vendor" here. :)  I'll reply since you haven't gotten any others.

  1. You can group business card notes together in one of two ways:
    • You can create separate notebooks for USA EAST, USA WEST, etc. and house the card notes in the appropriate notebook.
    • You can create tags for USA EAST, USA WEST, etc. and tag each card note with the appropriate tag.
    • (Note that if you elect to do either of the above options, we can include that as part of the import process.)
  2. Evernote doesn't have a built-in mechanism for pushing contacts to Outlook.  However, you can accomplish it in one of two ways:
    • If the user has a mobile device whose built-in contacts sync to Outlook, you can configure the Evernote app on that device to sync its contacts to the device's built-in contacts, and those will then end up in Outlook.
    • You can use a free utility that I wrote, TuskTools ContactExporter, to export the contacts to a CSV file, which can then be imported to Outlook.
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On 2017-05-09 at 7:31 AM, ZFlo said:

Any chance you are building a version of your contact exporter that will work on Mac?

You might take a look at scripting this on the Mac (Applescript)
I haven't worked with contact information, but I think it's a simple matter of parsing the data.

For example. I see in the data 

<span style="x-evernote:contact-title;-evernote-editable:field;
                  font-size: 18px;                   display: block;                   margin-bottom: 2px;                   font-family: Helvetica;                   color: #5f5f5f;                   line-height: 24px;"
>Testing title</span>
<span style="x-evernote:contact-org;-evernote-editable:field;
                  font-size: 16px;                   font-family: Helvetica;                   color: #6f6f6f;                   line-height: 22px;"

@phils provided some parsing details in this post 

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