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Request: Hide clipping options for easier view of the full page before clipping.

Dimitri Minaev


I'm trying to get used to the Web Clipper after Clearly. When I choose to display the article in simplified view, the dialog pane with the 'Save' button and a number of options overlaps with the text, hiding a large part of its upper right corner (see the screenshot). How can I close the dialog (or disable it completely) without saving the article to Evernote and leaving the simplified article on the screen?

Besides, it would be nice to use the Clipper just for this purpose without logging into my Evernote account.


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Hello @Dimitri Minaev,

Thank you for posting. When you are attempting to clip a page, there is not currently a way to hide the clipper options to view the simplified article like you would using Clearly. Instead it will clip the simplified article into your Evernote for reading or editing at that point. I will be moving this over to the feedback section of the Evernote Web Clipper forum so that users can vote to make this kind of feature more likely to happen.

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