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Edit / annotate Penultimate Notes in Evernote



Hi guys,

Great job, but you could go a notch beyond and anticipate users needs and expectations!


As far as I know a note created in Penultimate and synced to Evernote cannot be edited, unless to export the note to a PDF format and then annotate it.

I would suggest developers from Evernote and from Penultimate to work together and find a way to allow edits and annotations from Penultimate notes once synced to Evernote, or a way to save a penultimate note in a Evernote hand written note format.

It would be an amazing add on, just think! You could create a ToDo list in penultimate while you're on the run, then sync/export it to Evernote... Then come back and tick off a ToDo task once done directly in Evernote...

Just saying...




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