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How to change back button behavoir so left click just takes me back a step rather than show history?

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I have EN windows installed on two computers.

On my first computer, when I left click the back button it takes me back, and when I right click I get a drop down menu of my history then I can then click on that menu to go back to various pages I've recently been.

On my second computer, when I left click or right click, I get the the history. I can't simply press the button to go back a step, I always need to click it, then select the last page from history.

How do I change settings on my second computer so that I get the back button to just go back without showing me the history (just like my first computer)?

On both computers I'm running the latest EN: (277915)


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The behavior of your second PC is not expected. If this left-click issue is only with Evernote, and the left-click works as expected outside of Evernote, try a reinstall. I have tested this on a few machines, and they all match the expected behavior of your first PC. 

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4 hours ago, geetarplayer said:

And in the released version, there is no left arrow. Did they remove it? I don't see a way to go "back".

If you are talking about the main toolbar, right click on any of the icons in the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar.  You can then add the back arrow and customize as you would like.  Note toolbars support customization as well.

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