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Feature Requestion: Windowed Presentation Mode



Dear Evernote developers,

Another request for the absolutely wonderful presentation mode.

It would be fantastic if, in addition to being able to run presentation mode full-screen, to also be able to run it in a window. That is, keeping the wonderful interface & design of presentation mode but making it something that can be dragged around and resized like any other window. I find it very useful in my presentations to be able to show my presentation slides next to another window where I demonstrate something - for example, when teaching a programming language or doing a software demo, it's great to be able to have the slides on the side while also working on the same screen with the software.

This would be a wonderful feature, I imagine the interface could just be an extra option under presentation mode to run windowed or full screen. In windowed mode it's also easy enough to drag it to a secondary screen.

best wishes

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