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Downloading images instead of hyperlinks


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I've used the webclipper for years downloading websites with pictures.  I usually pull down the entire website and use it for reference.  However, the images don't always get downloaded from this websites, just the hyperlink pointing to the image on the internet.  Many times this has become an issue when webpages disappear or get moved on a webserver to a different address and you wind up with a broken image link.  Is there an option on the webclipper to actually get the image downloaded and not just a pointer to a location.  I seem to have a mixture of actual images downloaded and just links that can get broken. Thanks

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5 hours ago, rubenb said:

@zotje, @AshleyWin: Would you be able to provide one more URLs that cause this issue so we can reproduce and fix the issue? Thanks for your help.

I found this page that I originally clipped :  http://archive.boston.com/travel/new-england/massachusetts/2013/08/14/savor-summer-with-these-massachusetts-lobster-rolls/tKXguDVIfvEViaiYsWKPNL/story.html?pg=21

I assumed all the html and pictures were downloaded when I clipped it.  Since that time, the page has been moved and I have the broken image icon left behind.  The whole reason I clip webpages instead of bookmarking them is because eventually webpages move or get deleted and you are stuck with nothing.  



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