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Migrating from OneNote

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I have been using MS OneNote  for over a year and have compiled an extensive collection of notes. I was just recently introduced to EverNote, and would like to give it a try, but I will need a way to transfer/import/migrate all my notes from OneNote. There are loads of methods to go the other direction. Has anybody got a tool/method to import notes into EverNote??

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I've done it in 2 ways-

1) I've selected the whole frame around the notes (or just control+a) to select the whole note, copied and pasted it into Evernote. This created it as an image and then I wasn't able to edit it or copy certain sentences from it.

2) Another way I've done this, and this is much better - is to select the data, and simply drag it into Evernote. This copied the note, and allowed for copying text.


Good luck

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Evernote For Windows Desktop has an option to import from OneNote.


 After downloading Evernote for Windows Desktop from: https://evernote.com/evernote/  you can select File>Import> Microsoft OneNote to import your OneNote files. Please note that you must have both OneNote and Evernote installed on the same PC for this option to work. 


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