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Develop Teleprompter Function? Please?

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Those of us in TV, documentaries and entertainment who find Evernote so darn essential for research and production notes (and sharing same with out teams) would rejoice so loudly if you gave us a teleprompter mode for text documents!  I think furnishing that would result in a LOT of fast upgrades once word gets out.  For myself, I write the on-camera copy in Evernote on a PC or a tablet (or an iPad Pro).  Then I have to get the copy onto a small tablet or phone that will be mounted on the camera with the teleprompter - I don't always know what sort of device will be available to mount on the cam.   Plus, in team situations, it would be nice to know I can continue to write the copy in Evernote and just share the note with a crew member remote on-site who can labor pretty worry-free about getting the copy on a mobile device that can be used on the teleprompter.   Copy/paste is not always all that easy on an unfamiliar device!  I'm a programmer, so I know this is not trivial - but to make Evernote the app of choice to compose scripts for talent and then continue to use the same app to mount on the teleprompter such that people will get (and pay for) Evernote just for the teleprompter function... here are the functions you would need, that even the specialized teleprompter apps (most of them...) usually lack:

  • horizontal slider across the bottom (toward the talent in front of the camera) to adjust scroll (or margin) width
  • vertical slider on one side to adjust the speed of the scroll (also responsive to a bluetooth remote)
  • vertical slider on the opposite side to adjust size of text
  • Compact but navigable button row just above the horizontal slider and between the two vertical sliders that includes the following:
  • statrt/stop
  • big button to flip (mirror) the text - allows the prompter to be used on a mirror device OR as an off-camera prompter
  • one or two other buttons I've probably overlooked but would be obvious to you or others who want this feature!
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Sorry to be a party pooper... Evernote is highly unlikely to include this as an in-app feature, because this and many other great ideas would overwhelm the hundreds of millions of average users who do not need such a feature (and clutter the interface).

This sort of thing (which is a great idea, by the way) would best be taken up by a 3rd-party Evernote app that grabs notes that have been tagged with a specific tag... and bring those onto a teleprompter interface. There are tons of task-management apps and the like that do this... and maybe... just maybe with a bit of luck, you might find a teleprompter service that already links to Evernote as a feature bundled in there somewhere. Wouldn't that be something!? 

If you had the motivation, you might seek out a developer who could monetize such an app (with access to Evernote) and then market it to folk in the same industry as yourself. Then you'd hopefully get a ROI. 

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Hi.  I've used a teleprompt app on my (Android) phone for ages.  I draft content in Evernote,  then just copy/paste into the prompter and play the result.  Top of my head it has all the options you were after. Free Teleprompter.

I agree with @Frank.dg - not worth Evernote's time to develop something of their own and complicate the lives of everyone who wouldn't use the feature.  There's plenty of options out there to use third party apps...


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