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Add field on business cards in desktop and andriod

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I have just discovered the Evernote business card scanner - this is a great feature and now going through my tower of cards on my desk. However, the issue I have is that when you scan the card and it doesn't say recognise the address or that there is an address field, there is no option to add a field afterwards on the desktop app once saved or on the Android app after you take a picture of it. This is frustrating and should be an easy fix! I end up having to manually type the address in the note, which doesn't have a nice hyperlink and inconsistent with the other cards I have saved. Am I missing something - this seems to be possible in iOS. Surely the ability to add a field in the business card note should be easy to build in?

Any help appreciated!

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Same here. It's very frustrating for the below reasons:
Situation 1: I scan a business card, and either 1 or more fields are not detected by the scanner, or there is more information at the back of the card.


1. I can't manually add a missing field, which means since the scanner couldn't detect the words of that field, even if I search for say, that specific email address in the future, I won't be able to find this saved business card note.
2. I can't scan two sides of a card in the same note, means I'll have to manually type out the back of the card in the 'notes' section. Which is completely stupid because the reason I'm paying for Evernote is because I want productivity and my time and effort saved.

Come on guys don't build a half-baked feature that's not user behaviour oriented. Please.

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On top of agreeing with the previous notes (field addition and editing on desktop, etc.) I want to remark that web-adresses on cards are not scanned in any case. Now almost everybody has a web-address on their card, so it's pretty inconvenient not to be able to scan it automatically.

In addition, whenever the contact is found on LinkedIn, the only option is to send an automated invitation to connect. LinkedIn itself offers the possibility to write a personalized message. Nobody is going to write the Bible in there, but sth. like "Hi, we met last Tuesday at the ... event." Would be very convenient.

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On 08/12/2017 at 5:37 AM, azndoodle said:

I'm paying for a premium service with Business Card scanning feature and it won't even allow me to add more information? In my case the address wasn't detect and I should be able to manually add that info!!

I thought I did not figure it out.... it is a real problem. 

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Ugh, this is very annoying. I just upgraded to premium because of the much-touted OCR scanning and started on my stack of business cards. Can't add an address field? Are you kidding me? No website addresses? Geez. I wish I had known before I upgraded my account. 

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I'd like to hear from Evernote about this issue as well, I took chose to pay for a Premium account partly because of the business card scanner feature and this is a big letdown.

I work with a lot of shall we say "creative" types, whose cards are very nontraditional sometimes and do not get recognized easiliy, not to mention plenty of people use the front and back of the card these days. Seems a major oversight to me!

EDIT: I have directly contacted Evernote with my concern, and will update with any response I receive.

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What I am doing right now is adding the cards to google keep. It does a great job in recognizing all the text, and you can copy it over to Evernote or anywhere else you need it. 

This way does not sync with the address book or linekdin obviously, but if you are like me and don't need these features, it's the best way I found.

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