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suggestion of a new feature

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Evernote is wonderfully, but i would like to suggest a new feature.

It would be a new Windows call “pending task window” , at the right part, in this Windows we can see all the pending task of all the notes.

You know that we have square icons to mark the pending task. So when we would add this square icon (we do it in a particularly project, not in the “pending task window”), automatically the following sentence will go to  "pending task window".

We can click the pending task in the particulary project or in the “pending task window” and when we click the square icon (because it is made), this sentences would disappearance of this "pending task window" but it would remain clicked at the particularly project.


I have a lot of projects in evernote, but I would like to have a central place where I can see all the pending task of different projects in a quick and easy way. Now I need to visit each project, and each windows inside, and check  the pending tasks.


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