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Typing in Ink Notes & Evernote for Math Class?

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I love Evernote. It is becoming a digital brain that is helping me manage a huge share of everything I want to learn.

BUT... it seems to have a serious limitation: You can't type in an Ink Note. No text box. No typing at all.

Is this feature something Evernote is going to work on? If not, would you suggest I use OneNote or some other app for taking notes for math, economics, art class, chemistry, etc. where a mixture of diagrams, math symbols, and "normal typing" (give context, verbal explanations, etc.) are best? EDIT: I did just try OneNote for mixing both text and "inking" and it seemed to work really well. It seemed made for exactly that, actually. 


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1 hour ago, WeCanLearnAnything said:

Wouldn't using just one app - OneNote - make more sense?

Not in my opinion.  I value Evernote as a digital filing cabinet.

I don't have a problem using dedicated apps to get the more extensive features. That includes note taking, word processing, spreadsheets.

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