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(Archived) 80% of my evernote storage size is generated PNG files



I was trying to understand why my Evernote database size was getting so big. I looked inside the "Evernote/data" folder and find that for every text note, Evernote seems to be storing a PNG file with an image of that note several times times bigger than the source (see attachment).

Is this needed just for the "icon" view?

Any way this can be turned off (I never use this view anyway)? 80% of my storage size is just these PNG files?



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Yes, these images are used to rapidly display the thumbnails of the note within the Mac client. This allows you to rapidly scroll through thousands of notes, which would be impossible if we were rendering the thumbnails "on the fly" while you browsed.

It's not safe to delete these files (or to modify anything within the 'data' directory).

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