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Traveling With Evernote Guide - Seeking Evernote User Feedback

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Dear Evernote Users

I'm writing a guide about Traveling with Evernote (for iPhone - although the ideas apply for Android too), and I'm looking for feedback from Evernote users.

Many people think of Evernote as a place to store their travel itineraries, but I want show them how it has so many other applications for travel. As a long term traveler, I consider Evernote to be my favourite travel app, and a power tool for travelers. I use it extensively for travel planning, although there are lots of other tips, tricks and hacks that Evernote can be used for. It saves me money, time, and removes a lot of friction from the travel process. I want to teach people how to get the most out of this amazing tool.

I don't want to (self) promote my wares here on the Forum, so, if you're interested, please PM me and I'll send you a copy.

In return for your feedback, I'm happy to give you one of my iPhone travel books as a way of saying thank you. If you post a lot to these forums but don't have a time to give feedback, I'm happy to send a few copies as my way of giving back to the Evernote community here that has taught me so much.

Thanks for your time.


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