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Effective way to search in evernote

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In short: How to get previous and next button while searching in Evernote.

I have 3 notebooks, say Notebook-1-2-3. In Each Notebook I have several Notes (Say Note-1-10 in all the 3 notebooks) Though mostly arranged, yet many topics are overlapping in many different Notes of different Notebooks. When i search for any of these overlapping topics(say for eg. Global Warming), i am shown all the notes that have these topics. But then in every Note I have to scroll the mouse and see where all they topic is highlighted in Yellow. Isn't there a previous and next button, which easily helps me in navigating through the searches in Evernote. 

Read: Ctr +G  only works within a Note, what do we do when we have to go thru different notes of different notebooks. 


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