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Notes truncated after Sync

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Hello folks!

I'm using Evernote for Windows, version (from 2013), running on a Windows 7 Ultimate...

I have tried twice to save a note with relative big content...(a tutorial...I intend to post it on my website)

But after a while, when I go check, I see that my note is truncated! one sentence of my text is cut...


I don't know if this is a common issue for the version I'm using or if I must post the LOG of Activities of Evernote...



Thanks in advance for any help !

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  • 4 months later...

I've had the same problem several times ... lost significant work.

the scenario (I think) is that I am working offline on my ipad (premium user).  later ... I return to wifi and synch (usually this is a forced synch, as I get off the plane and into the airport).  Then ... sometime later, I look at my desktop - for at least 1 note, it is cut in half.  Truncated.  Panic.  I check the notes history on the desktop version - no prior rev that I can roll back to (that has the missing info) - because it wasn't written on the desktop.  I rush to my ipad and check the note. It's truncated too.  Panic. Nothing I can do.

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