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Windows 10 + Evernote + Adonit Jot Script works, but can be even better !!!

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 To the Evernote Team :

 It looks like no one ( past myself ), is out letting the world know The Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition works with low price low spec Windows 8/ 10 tablets. So I thought I would drop in and start the ball rolling.... Evernote + Adonit should both look into low cost under 10" Windows Tablets as an untapped market, also Windows 10 for Mobile handsets Lumia XL and other 5.7" devices.

 In my case I have an Acer W3 tablet ( low cost 8" screen, that reviewed poorly but has done more then I ever thought), and a Microsoft Lumia 640 XL handset, both using Evernote.

 I was looking for a way to have better stylus input on my tablet, as the old style mush tip was not at all what I wanted, then after some looking around on the internet I found "Active Stylus". Mainly marketed to iOS, Adonit being the only one who hints on their Website that it may work with Windows. So on a gamble I got the Adonit Jot Script Evernote edition, and it works a treat on my Tablet !!!! It works on my phone as well, but it's full use will not be known until Microsoft releases Windows 10 for Mobile Anniversary update, which is rumored to have Pen & Ink support for handsets.

 Evernote Touch for Tablet does not support hand written notes natively, however what Evernote should add in it's Windows Store is pen support is already built into Windows via on screen keyboard. Switch the Keyboard to Pen Input and the Adonit Jot can now hand print the notes into Evernote.

 In any case Evernote should also look into Windows Universal App Platform for your Tablet offering, as it could be the 1 app for Tablet and Phone. Why make 2 versions when 1 could do the job of 2. 

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